Raymond Pettibon: From my bumbling attempt to write a disastrous musical, these illustrations muyst suffice

"This isn't a game. This is real life"// "No one had more of a stake."// "Do you know a better place?"// "You snore."// "Such a rag in the machinery would soon be found out."// "GOOD DOGGIE DOGGIE." // "What if a train should come?"// "You in or out?" // "What a mixture of a life."// "SSH! LET'S JUST WATCH HIM HIT." // "I can't resist the invitation, though I sense a trap, a way of measuring my enslavement." // "I want to live-- I was born for that role!" // "The reader must be told that it covers only what comes with the orbit of my eyes." // "For me it had long ago become as normal as putting band-aids on his minor scrapes 'n cuts. //  "MY SOLE INTENTION IS TO MAKE THE READER FEEL THE HURT!" // 

 // "Learning to walk" // "Learning to walk" // "Learning to walk"//

pull the trigger. 



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