I am so thrilled to present Caitlin Kimball as the first interview for HART. I have wanted to create a section for a while now that would highlight exceptionally talented artists in a playful and untraditional way. With an interview style similar to that of a first date, I want to understand the core, immediate facts that influence these artists' daily lives. Learning the favorite and least favorite experiences that have helped create the artists identity, provides incredible visual material and the opportunity to play with the juxtaposition of these two worlds.

I feel honored Caitlin fearlessly jumped aboard this project. I have seen her experiment with photography, performance, and comedy for eight years now, and this woman never ceases to amaze me. Her eye for color, composition, and the remarkable ownership she has of her sense of individuality is nothing short of extraordinary. Her current project is the creation of a persona fully absorbed in this selfie/ picture-obsessed culture and the exploration of the massive comedic potential of it all through video, collage, and photography.   

Without further ado, I bring you the world of Caitlin Kimball. (Mom, you just have to click the picture.)