Mäda Primavesi and Giambattista Valli

   Have you guys seen the Giambattista Valli Haut Couture show yet? If you are as obsessed with necklines and ruffles as I am, or can properly see the computer screen in front of you, your heart will probably melt into a puddle of Italian ecstasy. A super elegant Italian puddle of ecstasy...

  While browsing through the Fall Haute Couture collection, I stumbled across a piece that so immediately captured the essence of Gustav Klimt’s 1912 painting Mäda Gertrude Primavesi, I couldn’t help but pair the two together. Beyond the youthful and incredibly refreshing presentation from both pieces, it is fascinating how well the details of each work align. Floral embellishments, scrunched white hair piece, a dignified elegance, and of course, that dreamy color palette. The small pops of violet shown in both pieces stand out to me in particular. While the use of violet is relatively limited, it packs quite a punch and brings out both a depth to the material and an inherent sense of royalty to the subjects displayed. Both works are absolutely charming and have put me in the mood for a long overdue tea party.

   What do you think?

Gustav Klimt , 1912

Gustav Klimt, 1912

Photos from: style.com