Mark Grotjahn and Simone Rocha: The Power of Simplicity

  When I first started to delve into fashion and explore my individual style, (early high school,) I noticed a certain thrill in styling outfits most people couldn't get paid to wear. The bolder, the better. In fact, I have a very strong memory of my best friend saying, “Sophie, is that a clown shirt?” (I got it in a costume sale at the theatre.)  Okay, so yes, the shirt was loud, a clown probably had worn it, but it had a great peplum cut, the buttons were in the shape of miniature bananas, and I owned the look as if my life depended on it.

  As my taste has started to become more sophisticated over the years, (mind you, I would still very much wear a costume piece if it was interesting,) I am realizing how powerful a statement you can make with a piece that maintains a very simplistic cut, yet incorporates unexpected elements. A designer I feel who does this extraordinarily well is none other than Simone Rocha. She is without a doubt my favorite designer and her creative use of materials and shapes never ceases to amaze me.

   I felt her work paired beautifully with Mark Grotjahn’s, gorgeous piece “Untitled (Full Color Butterfly 772)” as a reminder that your bold, creative, and uninhibited sense of style in no way has to be stifled by classic cuts. You just need to find those classic cuts that incorporate elements as bold as you!

Photos Courtesy of   Simone Rocha

Photos Courtesy of Simone Rocha