Mel Bochner and Alexander McQueen: Ruffle Your Feathers, There's No Time For Blah

 One of the biggest draws to art and fashion (for me personally), is to experience the result of an individuals creative, investigative, and development process. I find that the most profound work in these areas come from artists who actively revolt against the sea of “blah” that surrounds us, and have channeled personal fear and doubt as a way to propel their originality forward.  

 How can we possibly settle for “Blah” in any aspect of our lives? There’s not enough time to fall into that trap and too many incredible ideas to experiment with. So ruffle your feathers and embrace the uncomfortable along the way… it’s guiding you somewhere no one else had dared to go before.

   Bold > Blah

Blah, Blah, Blah, by Mel Bochner. See his work here.

Dress by Alexander McQueen. First Image found here. Second image found hereThird image found here