Clark Goolsby And Christopher Kane: Newness and Geometry

 While Clark Goolsby’s, “Yesterday This All Seemed New” is a perfect work to feature Christopher Kane’s stunning 2009 Spring Ready To Wear Collection, the title feels quite ironic being paired with a collection that maintains such relevant elements seen in fashion today.  The impact of the incredibly daring scalloped silhouettes presented such a striking blend of originality and elegance, that five years later, this somewhat futuristic look, still exudes such a strong sense of “newness.” The designs feel bold yet graceful, and the fabrics incorporated allow for a look that can remain timelessly elegant. 

   The future is sure to be inspired by the brilliant and playful mind of Christopher Kane, and I wouldn't be surprised if we see history repeat itself with reinvented takes on the strong geometric influences we see in Mr. Kane's work. 

Artwork by Clark Goolsby. Visit his website here. Runway image found here. All other Images found here.