Pip And Pop And The Art of Balancing A Pattern

 I adore patterns. There is no quicker way to incorporate a playful sense of style into your look and simultaneously prove you aren’t afraid to take risks. One of the first observations I made upon seeing artist Tanya Schultz’s incredible work, (she is the creator and mastermind behind Pip & Pop), is while her installations are unbelievably detailed, there is undoubtedly a sense of balance and unity within the work as a whole.  I started to question why outfits that incorporate bold and extremely colorful patterns can so easily turn into something your grandmother wore in a nightmare you had as a child, and how you can instead, successfully and chicly bring a patterned look to life.

 If we take a look at Louis Vuitton’s now iconic spring 2013 collection, we can see that the pattern is centered and balanced along the body and the accessories/shoes are constructed from a color already featured within the clothing. While there really is no right or wrong way to approach anything in fashion, (and I strongly stress this), I do find myself consistently attracted to this approach. When you keep your accessories to a minimum and in a color already found within the pattern itself, it allows there to be a focus and keep the eyes from being overwhelmed by excessive busyness. 

What do you guys prefer? 


Art Installation by Pip and Pop. See her work here.

Image of Twiggy found here. First Louis Vuitton Photoshoot Image found here. Louis Vuitton Campaign Images found here.