Maira Kalman and Givenchy: A Couture Garden Party

 One of my all time favorite gifts is Maira Kalman’s book, “The Principles of Uncertainty.” It was given to me by my brother about 7 years ago for my birthday, and I vividly remember how magical it was to see imagery brought to life that had inspired, and very much continues to inspire my personal aesthetic.

Maira’s colorful subjects (still and alive) and childlike questioning, present such a refreshing palette to explore those fears and desires we never seem to outgrow. Maggie in the garden in particular, makes me want to pack up my bags, take a spontaneous trip to France to explore the gardens at “Le Pavillon De Galon,” (See it here) while dressed to the nines in an inspired Givenchy ensemble from Audrey Hepburn’s “Paris When It Sizzles,” and think about life as I sip on some freshly squeezed Citron Pressé. Yes. It. Does.

What grand whimsies does the image bring up for you? 


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