Knut Egil Wang

The quotidian moments of life are often replete with humor, yet they sadly slip by as we rush from one place to another. The extraordinary work of Norwegian photographer Knut Egil Wang draws focus to these instances, and has finally given them the attention they deserve. I experienced so much more than an artistic collaboration with Knut- he taught me the importance of opening my eyes to the moments that live in the shadows. I would see him carefully dissect our surroundings moment to moment, examining even the most minute details of a space or subject, and sense an image seconds before it would occur. 

I approached him a few months ago with the idea of creating a section on the site dedicated to featuring the work of fine art photographers. I wanted to begin a series that would allow a subject to explore freely within a world defined by the aesthetic of the chosen photographer, and asked if he would consider opening the project. Luckily, he agreed. After playing with several ideas, we set the pier as our chosen location. This would allow ample opportunity for Knut to remain true to his spontaneous style, and was the perfect spot to further examine the interaction between the public and a subject not quite matching her surroundings. It feels surreal to have had the opportunity to feature such remarkable artists as Knut and Croatian designer Matija Čop in the opening feature of the series, and I am unbelievably excited to present you all with the images from the collaboration below. 

PHotographs taken by knut egil Wang. To view more of his work, visit his website here. You can also follow him on instagram here. HIs stunning photobook, "Southbound"is now available for purchase here.


Special thanks to Croatian Designer Matija Čop for providing a piece from his remarkable collection, Object 12-1View the collection here

My deepest gratitude to the wonderful Sophia Schrank for her assistance in bringing this shoot to life. Thank you. You can follow her on Instagram here